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Impressions at the camp-site:

Bienvenue Deux Chevaux The first impressive thing, directly at the entrance! Would I get such a big cake for my 50th birthday? I don't think so!

Can you find your signature? An attempt to make something like a second birthday for the 2CV: In 1987 some Belgian 2CVers bought this car (because Belgium had the lowest prices in whole Europe), took it to pieces and sent the pieces in many other countries of the world (even Japan!). For less money (about 2US$ to get the purchase price again) you could sign the piece of your country to protest against the production stop of the 2CV in Levallois. On the way to the world meeting in Portugal the complete car was given to Citroën. Unfortunately this great action had no effect :-( !

Why don't all stands look like this?On the flea-market some great things were available: No, not this H-van itself, but delicious Crêpes were made in it, and you could get some very rare spare parts nearby, ...

Unbelievable: This thing really moves! A broken chassis in the middle of nowhere in the desert: The driver was alone and had only 20 liters of water and a saw. This "motorcycle" is an act of despair, but a showcase of high brilliancy: One drum is fixed against the chassis, the other turns the rear-wheel by it's friction. In forward direction this "thing" is good for 20km/h, but backwards it reaches about 120km/h ;-) !

Although it's a DYANE: It's beautiful! Unbelievable! I'm not such a great fan of DYANEs, but this one was really wonderful: I wouldn't throw it out of my garage! '67-ish, the egg on the gear-lever, 18hp and the old-styled seats!!!

These cars were shown in many newspapers!You can see the three newly found TPVs on one photo on any other homepage!

Fondle! The possibly most honest 2CV at the museum: it took the two french students Baudot und Séguéla in the years '58 and '59 more than 100.000km around the world on their famous tour.

Impressions at the Convoy:

The thing in the BACKGROUND is called 'La tour Eiffel'!The convoy through Paris with about 1999 other 2CVs ended at La Tour Eiffel. There, where noone is allowed to park his car (between Eiffel-Tower and Seine), the 2CVs were parked in three lanes. Only drivers of other car-types had troubles with the police, we didn't.

I'm so excited!
We were in the front part of the convoy (!) and we were awaiting the great moment driving on the Champs-Elysées, which was the starting point, and through Paris. Two hours later the last 2CVs left the camp-site ...

We are on the way!Very impressive, and I think it won't happen anymore! There were 2CVs everywhere.

The day after ...

No UNTOUCHABLE thing!Monday, 12:30p.m.: The exhibits were on their way home, even the restored TPV was standing around as any other 2CV at the camp-site. And since I touched it's wing I haven't washed my hands ... A wonderful end of such a great event and meeting! Luckily this transporter didn't cross my way on the road, maybe that would have resulted in an accident ...

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